“Loop Collaboration Studio” is creating professional and social integration strategies for people seen as social minority groups in developing regions. The Studio is working towards artistic collaboration between the creative industry and producers from the social minority groups.

“Loop Collaboration Studio” is focusing on people from social minority groups, who struggled to find their audience, their professional voice, opportunities in the textiles/fashion industry, and who are looking to collaborate and integrate themselves and their knowledge in the creative field. Most of these people have developed expertise in working with textiles, such as knitting.

“Loop Collaboration Studio” uses social awareness and responsibility to challenge and at the same time encourage the fashion industry to increase the number of human-centered, value driven systems and initiatives. “Loop Collaboration Studio” aims to form long-lasting and profitable relationships between social minorities and the industry itself all around the world. Besides improving the financial situation of these people, it contributes to a change of the old representation. Instead of objectifying or stereotyping social minorities and their bodies, new representation focuses on the abilities and skills these people can provide to the industry and society.

“Loop Collaboration Studio” starts in Lithuania, where social minorities are struggling to integrate into society and find local employment opportunities.

To reach the inclusivity through abilities and skills the studio is reconstructing the visual language, creates the media channel, which is relative to the contemporary design industry and allows possibilities for joining the local and foreign fashion/textiles markets.

Finally, the primary mission of “Loop Collaboration Studio” is the reunification between two currently highly distant social groups - majorities and minorities, and in such a way to change the power structure of society and to blend the invisible line between these two sides. Only people can improve the old power construct and create a new successful model of society, to develop and create new opportunities.

Klaipeda city, Lithuania 18/19

Some of the "Loopers" used to sell their garments in the public spaces, next to pharmacies, market places, supermarkets on the self-made tables, most of the time made from industrial crates or food boxes.